Mike Notartomaso

Mike Notartomaso Pre-Construction Manager Mike moved to Cottonwood after working in [...]

Mike Notartomaso2024-07-17T20:54:07+00:00

Kate Weigel

Kate Weigel Project Manager Originally from Maine (Wabanaki Confederacy land), Kate [...]

Kate Weigel2024-03-28T18:27:32+00:00

Randy Miles

Randy Miles Project Manager Spot Randy on the job site [...]

Randy Miles2024-03-28T18:27:32+00:00

Colin Crist

Colin Crist Project Manager After graduating from Penn State in [...]

Colin Crist2024-03-28T18:27:32+00:00

Calvin Yee

Calvin Yee Project Manager Calvin is a recent transplant to Colorado, [...]

Calvin Yee2024-03-28T18:27:33+00:00

Chris Sommers

Chris Sommers Production Coordinator Chris' love for building and the trades [...]

Chris Sommers2024-03-28T18:27:33+00:00

Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts Special Projects Coordinator Tom Roberts has over 35 [...]

Tom Roberts2024-07-17T20:46:59+00:00

Jeff Hindman

Jeff Hindman Owner & President Jeff Hindman is the founder [...]

Jeff Hindman2024-03-28T18:27:33+00:00
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