Randy Miles

Project Manager

Spot Randy on the job site and one thing is for sure – you’ll find a smile and enthusiasm for the project at hand. Growing up in Sandy Hook, CT, he started working for his dad’s drywall and remodeling business in his early teens and has worked in the industry ever since.

In college, Randy dove into his passion for sustainability and reducing waste, earning a degree in Human Ecology with a focus on Sustainable Waste and Energy Management from the College of the Atlantic. He is acutely aware that construction is one of the world’s leading causes of waste and is passionate about learning and improving upon green building best practices.

Randy is committed to using his knowledge for the greater good and has lived and worked in and around Mexico and Guatemala in rural communities working on sustainable water and sanitation projects.

Outside of work, Randy is a life-long musician. You’ll find him playing guitar and writing music when he’s not working, walking his dog Beto, or enjoying time with his wife.

Day-to-Day Details

I start every morning with…
A 2-4 mile hike with my dog, Beto.

I end every day by…
Guitar practice.

How do you help protect the environment on a day-to-day basis?
Returning organic material to the earth through composting, avoiding single use plastics, and turning water off while washing dishes, brushing teeth, and showering.

What’s your favorite hangout spot in Boulder?
The spacious Foothills Community Park where we take our reactive dog to play fetch and take in the world.

Quote you live by?
“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” — Marcus Aurelius

Randy Miles - Project Manager with Cottonwood Custom Builders