Tom Roberts

Special Projects Coordinator

Tom Roberts has over 35 years of carpentry experience, making him an essential resource for our team. Working with the company since the mid-1990s, Tom has filled various roles making him a jack-of-all-trades. Primarily, he works as the lead carpenter, helps train and guide our team of carpenters, and solves tricky building challenges when they arise.

His fulfillment with green custom homes derives from knowing that each endeavor built will still be standing far into the future. Tom strives to make each build practical for long term use, which ties into his favorite aspect of the job: the everyday challenges and opportunities to learn new practices.

To date, his favorite project was the Fourmile Canyon Fire Rebuild due to the challenging design executed on the house and site.

When he’s not working Tom enjoys Colorado’s adventurous lifestyle. You can find him skiing in the winter, hiking and camping during the summers, and hanging out with his three kids every day.