South Boulder Remodel


This renovation was a budget-conscious, whole-house transformation! Economical and efficient, we worked closely with the architect and owner to achieve the work desired while keeping a close eye on costs. As a result of our careful planning and implementation, we completed this job at the lowest cost per square foot of any job in recent memory.

Originally built in the 1950s, it was time to modernize the home’s infrastructure. After gutting the interior, we installed all new plumbing, electric, HVAC, and finishes. To add more space without changing the footprint, we also removed the roof and added a second level. The result is a contemporary, resilient home.

We are proud of how this project highlights our ability to transform a home while working within a cost-conscious budget. We have extensive experience in complicated remodels and bringing older homes into the modern age.

Year Built: 2018
Architect: Juana Gomez of Laurence & Gomez Architects

Green Building Features

  • Original home was deconstructed and recycled
  • Advanced insulation
  • Air tight construction

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