Lisa Nyhagen

Office Manager

Born and raised in Burlington, Vermont, and new to Colorado, Lisa has spent her life managing and administrating doctors’ offices and mental health facilities, as well as running her own businesses practicing cosmetology and esthetics over the last 10 years. With so many hats, Lisa brings a range of organization, creativity and upbeat personality to the Cottonwood office. Of course, she doesn’t do it alone, she is always accompanied by her two pups, Frankie and Squirrel, who greet the team daily.

Outside of the office, Lisa is an artist specializing in graphite and acrylic pieces with ranging styles and sizes. She sells her work around the US and loves seeing people enjoy her pieces in their homes.

Day-to-Day Details

I start every morning with…
Music makes me my happiest self, so I start with listening to something I enjoy while sipping coffee and letting my two dogs run around my yard. Between that and gorgeous Colorado, it jumpstarts every day for me.

I end every day by…
Sitting on my front porch with my dogs at my side, a tasty cocoa, and joy in my heart.

How do you help protect the environment on a day-to-day basis?
I rarely buy new clothes for myself off the rack. I focus on hand me downs and thrift stores to keep energy levels down. I love sustainable fashion!

What’s your favorite hangout spot in Boulder?
I haven’t been in Boulder that long but my so far, I have enjoyed being in the mountains. Seeing the sunset/sunrise from up high makes me feel so grateful.

Quote you live by?
“Live the life you love, and you’ll love the life you live.”

Karen Ramsey - Project Manager with Cottonwood Custom Builders